Olivia's Eden

Our Labors of Love

It's amazing how our heart grows to envelop all of our different loves; and while very little compares to the love invested in our children, they undeniably inspire us to do better, be better, and think creatively.

Mama & Olivia

My personal garden of eden came into full bloom when my daughter Olivia was born. She came equipped and ready with a captivating personality AND a full head of hair. It didn't take very long for both Mama and Daddy to observe that Olivia quite early on, not only understood, but demanded to quench her desire to accessorize (most Mamas can understand this dire need). She also knew to look in the mirror and pause for a moment to admire with glee! And then, as if to compliment on a job well done, she would kiss that little face looking back at her...sometimes more than once. Self-esteem issue? I think not. Just someone who honors the notion of healthy self-expression, perhaps a lifetime sooner than most of us.

As both Mama and Daddy watched this playful routine throughout each day, we remembered the innocence and freedom that comes with being small-ish. Being a Mama, as well as an art therapist and an artist at heart, I am always open and searching for innovative and chic ways to combine materials and create fun and functional goods. And while the glow of ingenuity is always present, my girls, first Olivia and then Autumn, have nourished and kindled and awakened my full creative light! This is the light that has lit the way on this journey into Olivia's Eden, this inspired labor of love, in creating small-ish gifts for our small-ish people. Just as every day with my darlings keeps me on my toes, so does our product line with its ever-changing and refreshing style. While our classic products are always available, our variety in pattern and design increases. You are also invited to share in my Heartful Journey through mommy-hood as I blog about the well-known secrets.