Olivia's Eden

It's obvious that your art, your words and your children are paramount in your life. Perfect timing for my recent purchase and continued support of your creative genius!! Knowing how hard it is to keep the inner flames aglow while tending to every need of little ones, I just want to say it appears through every venue, you are doing your best all around! Thanks again, in anticipation of my bracelet.

Stacy, MD

I recently purchased several clips to give as gifts and I was delighted when they arrived. The designs are the perfect combination of sweetly feminine and elegant, and I loved the delicate jeweled accents. My friends were thrilled at receiving such a unique accessory for their daughters. They are my new favorite baby girl gift to give!

Trish, NJ

What a beautiful product! I ordered a head band as well as two hair clips for my two daughters and could not have been more pleased with the quality and the detail of each item. These will surely be my staple "welcome baby" and "1st birthday" gifts for all the little girls in my life! Thank you again Olivia's Eden!

Erica, VA

Thanks so much for the lovely hair clips. My 18 month old daughter has very fine hair so it’s difficult to find a clip that stays in place. The beautiful clips I just purchased from Olivia’s Eden stay in place well without snagging her hair. They’re stylish and cute without being “cutesy”. We’ve received so many compliments on them already. I will definitely tell my friends about your products!
Now that my little girl has been wearing your clips for 4 months now, I have an even greater appreciation for their durability. She even wears them to swimming lessons and sometimes in the tub and the cute little button isn't even loose! Thanks!

Carrie, MA

I purchased four different hair clips to give to a friend at her shower and they were a huge hit! Definitely the most unique and adorable gift given. The quality is excellent and each clip is cuter than the next. I've also purchased a bracelet that I'm going to give as a gift to a friend when her daughter arrives…the perfect present for the first girl in their family.

Lea, VA

These clips are adorable. My daughter loved them ALL! She is already asking for others (why did I show her the website, I don't know…true girl) I'm sure a future purchase is coming!

Lisa, NJ

My little darling loves to accessorize! She loves to match the color of her hair clip to the outfit she's wearing. The clips are so easy to put in and keep her hair in place! We get so many compliments on them!

Grateful Mom, NJ

I was on a dedicated search for non-snagging, stay-in-place, affordable hair clips for my little girl. I was so excited when I found these hair clips. I love their "vintage" chic look which is still playful and young. I was tempted to wear them myself!

Anonymous, MA

I had previously purchased some jewelry from the MayaMade website for myself and was excited to hear about this new boutique for little ones! I purchased a pearl bracelet for a friend's daughter and was so pleased with the quality...I would definitely recommend it to others.

Sam, NJ